Groom Your Way into Her Heart

You may be used to your daily grooming routine consisting mainly of soap and shampoo but in order to win a girl’s heart, it’s time to step up. Improper hygiene habits are definitely a major turn-off. From visible nose hairs to body odors, these kinds of things can make a girl think twice about you. To make a good impression, groom your way into her heart through these style and grooming tips:

Invest in a Reliable Grooming Kit

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars for an ultra-deluxe grooming kit but having a couple of reliable tools can help. A good razor is definitely a must have. If you have the habit of buying disposable razors from the local convenience store, it’s time to step up a bit by going for double-edge razors. Double-edge razors provide a closer shave, giving you a clean-cut look. For a more fool-proof tool, an electronic razor is a good idea. These electricity-driven shavers last longer than blade razors and they actually force each hair above the skin, providing a close shave without the cuts and razor burns.

Aside from a reliable shaver, a shaving cream can be a guy’s best friend. As much possible, go for shaving creams instead of gels. These products provide more moisture and offer more protection against nicks, cuts, and razor burns. Look for shaving creams that contain soothing elements like aloe vera.

A nail cutter is also a grooming kit staple along with tweezers and grooming scissors that’s meant to cut nose hairs. When looking for grooming kit essentials, look for reasonably-priced yet sturdy items. If you think a grooming set is too expensive, buy the items separately. After a few months, you should be able to come up with a grooming kit containing all your essentials.

Go for Multi-tasking Style Essentials

A shampoo with conditioner is perfect especially if you don’t want to devote a lot of time into your grooming sessions. A fresh-scented sunscreen that doubles as a body moisturizer protects you from the sun’s harmful rays and provides that added moisture.


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