How to Prevent Injury During a Run

Running is a great sport that can help you reach your fitness goals. However, just like any other sport, running can also sometimes lead to injury especially if the muscles are overworked. In order for you to avoid causing injury while running, here are some training tips to consider:

Use Sport Bandages Appropriately

A sport bandage can help you deal with a swollen leg or foot but only when worn during non-workout days. Elastic sports bandages can help minimize the swelling of an affected area, making the pain more bearable. However, during work out sessions or during an actual run, don’t rely on elastic sport bandages to help you deal with a swelling foot or leg. These sports bandages are designed to actually give way to pressure so going for a run while wearing them is not such a good idea. The bandage may just move out of position as your body pounds on while running, making the swollen area vulnerable.

Pain = There’s Probably Something Wrong

Always remember that pain is your body’s way of telling you that there’s something wrong. If your leg or foot hurts everytime you walk or run, go to a doctor for an examination. Running on a sprained ankle is never a good idea and may cause more injury in the process. It’s also not a good idea to take pain medication in order to finish a run because this technique might temporary treat the symptoms but it won’t treat the true cause of the pain.

Choose the Right Pair of Shoes

Wearing the wrong type of running shoes can lead to a number of possible injuries ranging from blisters to heel pain. Also known as Plantar fasciitis, heel pain is caused by a variety of factors. These possible causes can include improper training, rapidly changing your training duration, and wearing the wrong type of shoes. When it comes to running shoes, opt for a lightweight pair that can provide maximum support and comfort. To prevent additional discomfort when recovering from heel pain, heel seats can be used. These devices can offer reinforcement to the foot and relieve pain through acupressure.

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