Men’s Fashion: The Fitted Suit

The fitted suit, unlike a regular suit, offers a more fashion-savvy approach. Showing a bit more cuffs and ankles, the fitted suit is a versatile outfit that’s perfect as a business attire or as a formal wear for men. When choosing a fitted suit that’s perfect for you, here are some fashion tips worth considering:

Opt for Body-flattering Patterns

If you have more meat in your bones, opt for a fitted suit with sleek lines or patterns. These designs can help create a slimmer look without too much effort. If you don’t want to catch unnecessary attention, then stay away from bolder patterns. Simple yet sleek designs provide stylish details without going overboard.

Choose Darker Shades

This tip works best if you wish to hide those excess pounds. Aside from its slimming effect, a darker fitted suit lightens a heavy frame. Plus, dark gray or black suits are classic favorites. Also, opt for shades that will complement your skin tone.

Select Suits that are Lightweight

Wearing a suit can get uncomfortable especially on events in the middle of summer. The perfect fitted suit for such occasions should be made of lightweight fabrics such as soft wool. Suits made of lightweight materials can also lighten a heavy bulk, making them the perfect options when looking for outfits with slimming effects.

When buying fitted suits, your body type should always be considered as one of the major factors. The wrong pattern, design, or length can sometimes make or break your entire look so it’s best to think of fabric designs and patterns that will suit your body type. Don’t feel limited if you’re on the bulky side. As a matter of fact, you have many options to choose from when looking for suits that have slimming effects. Because customized and designer suits can get expensive, ready-to-wear fitted suits offer more flexible options when it comes to style and comfort. If you don’t know where to start when looking for fitted suits, visit department stores that offer such outfits. Bring your girlfriend along for style-savvy suggestions and tips.

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