Iron Man at the Big Screen

A Marvel comic book superhero known for his flashy red-gold iron armor, Iron Man aka Tony Stark came to life once more through the 2008 action-packed flick. Featuring Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, Terrence Howard as Colonel James Rhodes, Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts, and Jeff Bridges as Obadiah Stane, this action-packed movie has plenty of ammos and firepower.

The exciting movie plot involves several flashback scenes as Tony Stark’s origins were told. As a son of a world-renowned weapons manufacturer and rich industrialist, Tony Stark is a young genius who was able to enter MIT at the age of 15. His engineering exploits along with the death of his parents made him the next head of Stark Industries. After a tragic incident in Afghanistan, Tony Stark invented a high-tech armor suit to wage war against terrorism and those who try to use his inventions and research against humanity. Plus, the ending is certainly screaming for a sequel so expect another Iron Man flick.

Aside from the exciting plot, one thing viewers will really notice is the high-tech artificial intelligence program that ran Tony’s household. Known as “Jarvis,” it’s definitely an incredible piece of technology. Too bad it’s only fictional. Overall, the special effects are notable, making each scene as realistic as possible. From Tony Stark’s high-tech armor to the amazing showdown between Tony and Obadiah, this movie will keep Iron Man fans asking for more.

Robert Downey Jr. certainly did some fine work as preparation for his role as Tony Stark and all his hard work paid off. Iron Man is not only known for his flashy high-tech suit but also for his well-toned abs that’ll make female viewers swoon with delight.

Full of thrills, action, and lots of high-tech gadgets and ammos, this Marvel comic-based movie is definitely worth watching over and over again. Many movie reviews may have hailed or criticized this flick but Iron Man is definitely a chart-topping flick as can be seen through the public reception and its total profits through movie tickets.


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