Pro Skater Tony Hawk

A skateboarding genius who is known for his amazing achievements at an early age, Tony Hawk is definitely a household name when it comes to professional skateboarding. His love for skateboarding started when he was given a banana board by his brother. As a kid who needs an outlet for all that excess energy, Tony Hawk was able to hone his craft.

Through his amazing skateboarding skills, he was able to ensure sponsorship deals from Dogtown skateboards at the age of 12. Tony Hawk was declared a professional skateboarder at the tender age of 14. Two years later he was recognized as the world’s best skateboarder. Today, Tony Hawks holds the best record in the skateboarding history. He was able to enter 103 professional skateboarding contests and was able to win 73 of them.

The Bittersweet Road to Success

But of course, Tony Hawk’s road to success is not all that sweet. Facing medical and financial challenges, Hawk experienced a decline in the skateboarding industry during the early nineties. Fortunately, skateboarding became a popular sport once again during the next years. As the world’s best skateboarder, Tony Hawk was able to get back into his game. Although he stopped joining professional contests in 1999, Tony Hawk continues to be an icon when it comes to skateboarding. As the brains behind the HuckJam Tour, Hawk continues to support the skateboarding industry. The HuckJam Tour features the best skateboarders in the world along with Motocross and BMX riders. These tours, which feature the best daredevils in the world, continues to attract audiences due to its action-filled arenas and heart-stopping performances.

Giving Back to the Skateboarding Scene

Tony Hawk also established his own business — Hawk Clothing. Purchased by Quiksilver, Hawk Clothing offers skateboarding gears for kids. In order to give the youth of today a possibility to enjoy skateboarding, Tony Hawk established the Tony Hawk Foundation. This foundation aims to build public skateboarding parks for low-income areas. Currently, the Tony Hawk Foundation was able to donate more than $1.7 million to various non-profit organizations who share his dream — a skateboarding park for every low-income area in the nation.

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