Justine Henin Retires

An athlete known for her victorious streaks throughout her career as a tennis player, Justine Henin announces her sudden retirement. At age 25, Henin has accomplished a lot of achievements. Despite a difficult start in the 2008 season, Henin was still declared as the number one tennis player. With her coach — Carlos Rodriguez — on her side, Justine Henin was able to garner 41 career titles and several championships in the Grand Slam singles. Plus, she was able to take home a gold medal in the 2004 Olympics.

Fellow star athletes such as Maria Sharapova, Serena Williams, and Roger Federer all expressed their shock regarding Henin’s sudden retirement. According to Henin, she have been thinking about this crucial decision for months. On a news conference weeks just before the French Open, Justine Henin surprised everyone with her decision regarding early retirement. She now plans to focus on her personal life and her Tennis Academy based in her homecountry, Belgium.

Henin also adds that she has lost the desire to compete and train. She also plans to take a long vacation and enjoy the small pleasures in life. Some speculate that this is an issue of getting burned out but according to Larry Scott — WTA Tour CEO, this is a major life decision and that the chances of Henin making a comeback are slim.

Despite Justine Henin’s average height, she was able to defeat taller and intimidating opponents. She was able to achieve all this through her dedication, passion, excellent footwork, competitive drive, and technical prowess. As a world-class tennis athlete, many camera shots have captured her trademark one-handed backhand but her forehand was just as impressive. Under the guidance of her coach, she was able to earn psychological and tactical support that helped her gain a number one status.

For Henin, this decision served as a signal of a new chapter in her life. According to Larry Scott — WTA Tour CEO, Justine Henin will be remembered as one of the best champion players in tennis and as a woman who made a mark in tennis history despite her small stature.

New York Times

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